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"Colonial Revival Furniture with Prices" Book:
"Colonial Revival Furniture with Prices" focuses on pieces made in America between 1870 and 1940 in styles ranging from Jacobean to Chippendale to Empire. Part I contains valuable information on dating Colonial Revival furniture based on construction techniques. It also explores such topics as the furniture manufacturing centers of America, Grand Rapids furniture and the advent of mass production, Wallace Nutting, and the effect of the Depression on Colonial Revival furniture. Part II examines the forms and styles of chairs and sofas; tables, desks, and stands; and case pieces and beds. Three hundred black-and-white photos aid in identifying, dating, and pricing Colonial Revival furniture. Collectors, dealers, historians, and furniture enthusiasts will not want to be without this guide. $10

"English and Continental Furniture" Book:
"English and Continental Furniture" is an excellent reference sources that covers antique European furniture from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century, with an emphasis on eighteenth-century pieces (the most popular on the American market). Design periods, construction techniques, a history of European style, and how to determine value for more than 400 pictured pieces are also included. Eight pages of color highlight the rich woods, colorful tapestries, and artistic details that make English and Continental furniture so sought after. Part I contains valuable information on dating English furniture; recognizing sings of age; spotting fakes and alterations, and marriages in multipart case furniture. Part II examines the forms and styles of Continental furniture including storage pieces, armoires, and unusual and eccentric pieces from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. $12

"Old Sheffield Plate" Book:
After its introduction in 1742 "Old Sheffield Plate" quickly became popular, particularly with the middle classes. When new, its plated surface looked like solid silver, but today many pieces show characteristic tinges of copper where the silver has worn away, revealing the base metal beneath. This book explains what Old Sheffield Plate is and how this method of silver plating differs from other techniques such as electroplate; it describes the manufacturing processes and outlines the history of the trade. The industry eventually spread from Sheffield to other centres, notably Birmingham. One chapter helps the reader to identify Old Sheffield Plate by describing characteristic features and makers' marks and explains how to clean and care for it. $15

"The Grand Tour Scam" Catalogue:
"The Grand Tour Scam" catalog includes a short history of The Grand Tour Scam, the objects created for the market, and an article on the subject by Sarah Cooper Hewitt. $12

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