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Asian Porcelain
18th & 19th Century Chinese and Japanese

Western Porcelain
18th, 19th & 20th Century

WCI-3486z: Pair of English Kutani Plates:
An elegant & unusual pair of c. 1870 English Kutani design plates. 8" dia. $180

Wci-3830z: Mid-19th Century Luneville Basket of Flowers Faience Plate:
Mid-19th century Luneville Basket of Flowers Faience Plate. $150

Wci-3886z: Mid-19th Century Luneville Covered Vegetable Tureen:
A mid-19th century Luneville Covered Vegetable Tureen. Classic large sprays of pink and rose flowers. $450

Wci-3891z: Mid-19th Century Luneville Floral Spray Decorated Plate:
A mid-19th century Luneville Floral Spray Decorated Plate. $150

Wci-4103z: Luneville Soup Tureen & Underplate:
A dynamite Luneville soup tureen and underplate of the late 19th century- encrusted with brilliantly rendered vegetables. Faience. Superb condition. $750

Wci-4555z: Fine Pair of Lunevill Faience Plates with Large Flower Bouquets:
A fine pair of early to mid-19th century Luneville faience plats; large bouquets of flowers within a feather edge border. $250

Wci-5069z: Worcester Shell Shaped Sweetmeat Dish:
A c. 1760-90 Worcester shell shaped Sweetmeat Dish - floral sprig motif. Molded basketweave border. $225

Wci-5146: Imari Charger c. 1860-80:
An Imari Charger with scalloped border, c.1860-80, the central garden reserve bound by extensively gilded panels of bats & prunus for good fortune. 12 1/4" dia. $875

Wci-5263: Large Imari Charger c. 1880:
A large Imari Charger, c.1880, 15 7/8" dia. Decorated in tripart with birds flitting among prunus trees alternating with reserves of flowers & a central medallion decorated with a bamboo shoot & a pine tree. $775

Wci-5606: Oval Imari Platter c. 1860-80:
An oval scalloped Imari platter, c. 1860-80, centered with two foo dogs chasing streamered balls; surrounded by an extensive floral tendrils and butterfly border. 13.25" x 11.125" $575

Wci-5607: Imari Chop Plate c. 1860:
An Imari chop plate, c.1860, central reserve of a phoenix over a floral arrangement with vase & stand. Vibrant colors & well decorated. Note the "jade" green. Border of flowers & decorative panels. 11" dia. $750

Wci-5668z: Late 18th Century French Faience Covered Porringer with Original Undertray:
A fine late 18th century French faience covered porringer with original undertray- a silver form translated into ceramics. Blue floral decoration. Molded handles. Overall excellent condition. $450

Wci-5671z: c.1780 Luneville Neoclassical Reticulated Faience Basket:
c.1780 Luneville neoclassical reticulated faience basket with typical floral spray central reserve & rose pink edge, the exterior latticework sprinkled with rose & yellow florets. Note the green vine entwined handles & charming leaf on the edge hiding a kiln flaw. $600

Wci-5691z: Late 18th Century Faience Charger:
Late 18th century faience charger of silver form, decorated with alternating green & yellow bird, figural & bug motifs, feather edge, & floral border. Marked front & reverse, an "M" & "EF", second period Moustiers. 15 3/4" diameter. Minor chip, rubbing & glaze crackling typical of the form & age. $750

Wci-5800z: Blue Canton Chestnut Basket and Undertray:
A fine c.1830-60 Blue Canton chestnut basket and undertray of large scale and in fine condition. 11 1/2" long. $1,800

Wci-5868z: Pair of Samson Armorial Plates:
Pair of late 19th c. Samson Armorial Plates, coat of arms with motto Sola Virtus Invicta (Virtue Alone is Invincible). Arms of the Duke of Norfolk, Earl of Arundel, Surry & Norfolk, Baron Howard. 9 1/2" dia. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN. $600

Wci-5878z: Pair of Chamberlains Worcester Plates:
A splendid & colorful pair of c.1810 Chamberlains Worcester (sepia script underglaze) plates, the full coat of arms surrounded with a gilt vermiculi on white ground. Motto: Fortiter et Fideliter (Boldy and Faithfully). 8 1/2" dia. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN, from The Century Shop, Louisville, KY. Labels to reverse. $900

Wci-6069z: Spode New Stone Low Bowl:
A finely decorated Spode New Stone low bowl, c.1810, with underglaze blue, and overglaze orange and gilt in an Imari pattern. 9" dia. lobed silver form. $175

Wci-6087z: Ironstone Sauce Tureen:
c.1830 English Classical period ironstone sauce tureen, integral stand and cover, Imari pattern. Finial a cornucopia with head of a fawn tip. $150

Wci-6104z: Imari Monumental Vase:
An Imari monumental vase, late 19th century, heavily enameled in polychrome with blue underglaze. Peacocks & chrysanthemums. Damages. Offered with a period Japanese display stand. Vase 30 1/4" h. + 13 1/2" h. stand. $1500

Wci-6213z: c.1860 Davenport Green Transferware Platter , "Indian Festoon":
A c.1860 Davenport green transferware platter, "Indian Festoon", printed & impressed marks, 19.25" $225

Wci-6358z: Woodsware Set of Staffordshire District China, :
A Woodsware set of Staffordshire district china, Wood & Sons, England. "Stuart" pattern. 8 + 1 dinner, 8 salad, 4 platters, & sauce tureen. $450

Wci-6423z: Blue Willow Bowl:
A Blue Willow Bowl, c. 1760, English soft paste porcelain, probably Caughley. The ribbed, fluted form is quite desirable. Small rim nick. Note how many kiln and body flaws were concealed. Provenance: Sir Lionel & Lady Whitby, Cambridge, England. $295

Wci-6425z: Cartouche Form Worcester Porcelain Box:
A "Worcester" porcelain box, cartouche form with floral reserve & powder blue ground, the silver mounts revealing the true maker, Edme Samson of Paris, c. 1860-1880. Provenance: Sir Lionel & Lady Whitby, Cambridge, England. $135

Wci-6426z: Fruit Motif Royal Worcester Cup and Saucer:
An artist signed fruit motif Royal Worcester cup & saucer; M. Aynton, painter. A tour de force of painting on curved surfaces. Provenance: Sir Lionel & Lady Whitby, Cambridge, England. $145

WCI-6470: Pair of Chinese Export Chargers with Eagle and Rose Motif:
A magnificent pair of chargers, Chinese export porcelain, Republic period (1912-1949) in the 18th century manner. A central crest of an eagle displayed, the whole with famille rose sprigs. 18" dia. $1,500

WCI-6472: Chinese Export Porcelain Armorial Charger :
A large Armorial Charger, Chinese Export porcelain, Republic period (1912-1949) in the 18th century manner. Elegantly decorated. Unicorn crest above a full coat of arms. Partial crack. 18" dia. $575

WCI-6478: Chinese Export Vegetable Dish:
A Chinese Export covered vegetable dish with incurved square corners. Republic period (1912-1949) in the 18th century manner. $450

WCI-6480: Chinese Export Salad Bowl:
Chinese Export salad bowl, the square form accented by deep scalloping. Republic period (1912-1949) in the 18th century manner. $225

WCI-6483: Chinese Export Platter:
A Chinese Export platter, 11 1/2", Republic period (1912-1949)in the 18th century manner. $195

WCI-6496z: c. 1825 Davenport Handwarmer :
A rare Davenport handwarmer, c. 1825, pearlware, underglaze blue Country House decoration. $170

WCI-6576z: 19th Century Famille Rose Chinese Export Platter:
An attractively clobbered early 19th century Chinese export 15 3/4" platter in a Famille Rose palette. No underglaze decoration evident. Fortuitous fungi & plants. $750

WCI-6601z: Blue Onion Meissen Hot Water Entree Plate:
A blue onion Meissen hot water entree plate, 19th century. Provenance: Orton Plantation, Brunswick County, NC and Patricia Owens Collection. $225

WCI-6602z: Victorian Transferware Plate with Hot Water Reservoir:
Colorful pheasants motif English Victiorian transferware plate with hot water reservoir, late 19th century. Provenance: Orton Plantation, Brunswick County, NC and Patricia Owens Collection. $170

WCI-6614z: Set of 8 Limoges Cups and Saucers:
Set of 8 cups and saucers by Charles Ahrenfeldt, Limoges; green, red and blue with gilt borders. "Made Expressly for Bailey, Banks and Biddle, Philadelphia, PA". Provenance: Johnsie Wilkins. $135

WCI-6615z: c. 1850 KPM Porcelain Coffee Pot:
A fine c.1850 KPM porcelain coffee pot, the body and cover with green and gilt floral motifs. $115

WCI-6682z: Set of 4 Sevres Soup Bowls:
A set of 4 Sevres, Louis Philippe period, soup bowls with yellow borders & trophy reserves. 1835, 1846, 2 undated. 9 5/8" dia. $225

WCI-6689z: The Wine Makers Porcelain Capodimonte:
"The Wine Makers" a charming porcelain Capodimonte figural group with basket for flowers. Late 19th century. Expected minor losses. $225

Wci-6698: Pair of Imari Covered Jars:
A pair of c.1860 Imari covered baluster form jars; entwined trees with birds. Blue underglaze with bittersweet orange & gilded overglaze. 12" h. $1,250

WCI-6731: Pair of Ridgway Blue and White Pearlware Shaped Dishes:
A desirable pair of Ridgway blue and white pearlware shaped dishes featuring the Radcliffe Camera on Radcliffe Square, Oxford. Plates marked "Radcliffe Library Oxford" "Opaque China" "G&J&W Ridgway", dating to 1837-48, the centennial era of the building. 8" dia., 1 1/4" h. $350

WCI-6739z: Late 18th Century Cabinet Cup and Saucer:
An elegant cabinet cup and saucer, late 18th century, Capo di Monte, Naples, pre-kingdom period. Neoclassical with a trophy panel and monogram "L" on the cup; extensive romantic reserve on the saucer. Provenance: "Dott. Falanga, Via Dom. Morelli 6, Napoli." Soft paste porcelain. Fully gilded interior and extensive gilding on cobalt body. Tiny star under saucer. $450

WCI-6744z: Herculaneum Pearlware Covered Coffee Pot:
A rare and fine Herculaneum pearlware covered coffee pot, 1796-1833, Willow pattern. With Christie's London labels and tags. Note the join line. (Owner notations on Christie's tag). 10 1/2"h., 7"dia. $600

WCI-6754z: c. 1820 Rose Medallion Plate:
Chinese export Rose Medallion plate, c. 1820. 8 1/2" dia. Very fine. $295

WCI-6757z: Rose Medallion Punch Bowl:
A handsome Rose Mandarin Chinese export punch bowl, c.1820-30. Light interior wear over entire surface. 4 3/8" h. x 11" dia. $900

WCI-6759z: Rare Rose Medallion Soap Dish:
Rare Chinese export Rose Medallion soap dish, c. 1850; three pieces. bottom plate 5 5/8"w; dish 5 1/8"; cover 5 1/4". $225

WCI-6760z: Rose Medallion Brush Jar:
A very fine and elegant Chinese export Rose Medallion brush jar, reticulated, c.1860. 4 1/8"h. x 2 1/2" dia. $225

WCI-6768z: Pair of Porcelain Pugs:
Porcelain pair of pugs seated on a green "pillow" case. c. 1880. 5" w., 3 1/4" h. $450

WCI-6776z: Pair of Old Paris Pink Covered Urns:
An elegant c. 1860 pair of pink covered urns, Old Paris. One cover repaired Finials of bisque. Pierced for potpourri. Exquisitely hand painted. Offered with a pair of monogrammed undertrays of the period. $750

WCI-6785z: Dresden, Schumann Tall Figural Compote:
Dresden, Schumann, tall figural compote, c.1890-1910. Supported by putti and floral standard on rococo base. Hand painted. Restoration to the shaft and two small spots on compote flowers. Minor petal loss. $195

WCI-6788z: Chinese Hat and Hat Stand:
Chinese porcelain hat stand with Chinese silk hat, c. 1900. A flying fish. $295

WCI-6797z: Set of 4 Aesthetic Movement Floral Plates:
Set of 4 plates, Aesthetic Movement, a stunning floral over geometric design, c. 1870. Note the flowers are molded & raised. 8 1/2" dia./plate. $295

WCI-6806z: 8 Dresden Service Plates:
8 service plates, Dresden, "Empress", 11" dia. Bold and elegant, c. 1950. $450

WCI-6819z: Schumann Cups and Saucers:
A group of 16 cups and saucers. Schumann "Deutsche Blumen" porcelain. $425

WCI-6828z: Pair of Rose Mandarin Plates:
A pair of Rose Mandarin deep rimmed plates with shaped and undulating border. c.1800-1830. 5 3/4" dia., 1"h. $120

WCI-6835z: Early 19th Century Famille Rose Plate:
An elegant early 19th century Chinese 8 1/4" famille rose plate with naturalistic tea table, lady with lotus & child. Turquoise chained background. $225

WCI-6836z: Chinese Export Famille Rose Celebratory Plate:
Early 19th century Year of the Rat celebratory Chinese export plate, 7 7/8" dia. Some rubbing over center. Famille rose. $145

WCI-6852z: c.1770-90 Neoclassical Chinese Export Punch Bowl:
An elegant c. 1770-90 Neoclassical Chinese export punch bowl, Famille Rose. 8 7/8" dia. Note the elegant butterflies on opposing sides. Hairlines. $450

WCI-6856z: Six Handpainted Porcelain Chocolate Cups:
A set of six chocolate cups; old Paris porcelain; c. 1840-60. Each handpainted with a little boy at play. $250

WCI-6889z: Worcester c. 1765-90 Bowl:
Worcester c. 1765-90 bowl, soft paste porcelain, "Queen's" pattern with the distinctive Kakiemon influence. Simple border & form unmolded. 6 3/8" dia. Minor wear. $600

WCI-6893z: Early 19th Century Plate:
A c. 1813-25 plate, line impressed "Mason's Patent Ironstone China", 7 7/8" dia. Imari pattern. $145

WCI-6894z: Meiji/Taisho Porcelain Fan Shaped Dish:
Meiji/Taisho era double fan shaped porcelain dish representing two friends of Winter. 7 1/2" w $120

WCI-6934z: Guangxu Period Chinese Covered Box:
Guangxu period Chinese drum form covered box. Fine enameling. Famille rose reserved of elegant ladies. Censer. Late 19th century. 4 1/4"h., 3 1/2"d. $225

WCI-6935z: Famille Jaune Vase:
Elegantly thin famille jaune vase with intricate entwined dragon, later Qing dynasty. 4 5/8"h. SOLD

Wl-1178: Qing Dynasty Porcelain Baluster Jar Lamp:
A bold & wonderful Qing dynasty porcelain baluster jar, now as a lamp. Exceptional greens, floral decoration and elegant reserves. 28" h., 10" dia. Shade: 12" h., 20" dia. $875

WL-1286: Rose Mandarin Lamp:
A c.1830 Rose Mandarin large water bottle, mounted as a lamp with carved wood base. Newly electrified. 24 1/4"h., 8"dia. $895

WL-1287: French Famille Rose Style Lamp:
A French famille rose style 19th century vase, mounted as a lamp. Newly electrified. 24"h., 7" dia. $695

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