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WB-1290z: Venice Cityscape Biscuit Tin :
A stunning Art Nouveau Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin, Venice with city in background & romantic boats overall. C. 1905. 6" h, 7 3/5" w, 9" d $750

WB-1292z: Railroad Lantern Biscuit Tin:
Huntley & Palmers 1911 railroad lantern biscuit tin. 9" h, 4 1/2" w, 5" d $450

WB-1293z: Picnic Hamper with Folding Handle Biscuit Tin:
A picnic hamper with folding handle, biscuit tin by Huntley & Palmers, made in 1897. 5 7/10" h, 7 3/10" w, 5 7/10" d $600

WB-1294z: Binocular Case with Folding Handle:
A binocular case with folding handle, 1907 Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin. 7" h, 6" w, 3 1/2" d $450

WB-1296z: Sir Walter Scott Classics - Leather Bound Strapped Books Biscuit Tin:
Sir Walter Scott classics - leather bound strapped books biscuit tin by Huntley & Palmers part of a series of these clever boxes with "bookmark" tabs to open them. Gilt edges. 6 3/10" h, 6 3/10" w, 4 9/10 d $600

WB-1297z: Literature Biscuit Tin by Huntley & Palmers:
The 1901 "Literature" leather strap biscuit tin bu Huntley & Palmers with pull tab "bookmark", "Marbleized" edges & "tooled leather". 6 1/5 h, 6 3/10 w, 4 7/10 d $750

WB-1306: Lady's Shoe Snuff Box:
Lady's shoe snuff box with silver and abalone inlay, 19th century. Striker "sole". Papier mache. 3 1/4'l., 1"w., 1 1/4"h $145

WB-1308z: Scenic Snuff Box:
A charming 19th century scenic snuff box of 2 drunks being chased and admonished. Interior collection/museum #A.704. 3"l., 2"w., 1"h. $180

WBK-256z: Cased Set of Montaigne Essays:
A cased set of quarter bound Montaigne, 5 volumes of essays. $145

Wbr-200: Vienna Bronze Dog:
A fine Vienna bronze dog, wonderfully alert, with a blue collar. 3 3/4" l., 1" w., 3 3/8" h. $675

Wbr-209z: Bronze Yatate with Coral Ojime:
Bronze yatate, with calligraphy brush, coral ojime and simple bronze netsuke, apparently all original Edo-Meiji period, c. 1860. Dorothy Ferster Collection. 7 1/2 x 5/16". $265

Wbr-210z: Bronze Open Work Yatate, Meiji period:
Bronze Open work yatate, Meiji period (1868-1912), in the form of a fish, silver line inlays &an extensive inscription in grass writing, a style often associated with the aristocratic & scholarly class. Dorothy Ferster Collection. $265

Wbr-212z: A Meiji period Bronze Brush Washer:
A Meiji period bronze brush washer, encrusted with gilded crab, dragonfly & vines of copper. On an associated agate base. Dorothy Ferster Collection. $900

WCH-805z: George III Nailed Leather Trunk:
A George III 18th century nailed leather trunk. Neoclassical design nailing with fine fittings of protective brass, handles and escutcheons. 36 1/2"w., 18 1/4"d., 15 3/4"h. $450

Wci-4631: Staffordshire Figure of a Musician and His Companion.:
Wci-4631: Staffordshire figure of a musician & his companion on a daybed, c.1860. Wonderfully colorful. $275

Wci-4636: Staffordshire Figure of Dick Turpin:
Staffordshire Figure of Dick Turpin, mounted on horseback, late 19th century well decorated. $275

WCI-4689: Staffordshire Figures of Dick Turpin & Tom King:
A pair of mid-19th century Staffordshire Figures of the infamous highwaymen Dick Turpin & Tom King; particularly well painted. $550

WCI-5751: C. 1880 English Majolica Pitcher w/ Flip-Top:
A c. 1880 English inscribed pewter flip-top majolica pitcher with a boy & dog. Flip top is marked: Thomson's Patent, Sheffield. The baby looks quizzically at the dog, "Can't you talk?". From the painted of 1875 by George August Holmes. $375

Wci-6398z: Mettlach 1/2 Liter Stein:
A good Mettlach 1/2 liter stein, #2809II, artist insignia FQ on a tree trunk. From a fable, "Der Getreue Eckart"; lid inscribed "Verplaudern ist schadlich, verschweigen ist gut." FQ for F. Quidenus. The old storyteller. c.1890-1910. $350

Wci-6429z: A Pair of Neoclassical Creamware Candlesticks:
A pair of creamware candlesticks, mid-19th century, columns with square bases. Bellflower & swag motifs & masks on each corner. Minor nicks & one line. French. $450

WCI-6668z: Faience Fluted Bowl, c. 1820:
Les Islettes, Argonne, faience fluted bowl with carnation motif, c. 1820. Fluted border. Stapled repair. $110

WCI-6669z: Pair of Les Islettes Faience Floral Plates:
Pair of Les Islettes, Argonne region, Alsace Lorraine, faience bright floral lobed plates, c. 1830. $225

WCI-6671z: Faience Plate with Watchtower and Palm Tree:
Meillouas, Bourg en Bresse, southeastern France. faience plate with a watch tower and palm tree by the sea, c. 1830 $110

WCI-6682z: Set of 4 Sevres Soup Bowls:
A set of 4 Sevres, Louis Philippe period, soup bowls with yellow borders & trophy reserves. 1835, 1846, 2 undated. 9 5/8" dia. $225

WCI-6689z: The Wine Makers Porcelain Capodimonte:
"The Wine Makers" a charming porcelain Capodimonte figural group with basket for flowers. Late 19th century. Expected minor losses. $225

Wci-6698: Pair of Imari Covered Jars:
A pair of c.1860 Imari covered baluster form jars; entwined trees with birds. Blue underglaze with bittersweet orange & gilded overglaze. 12" h. $1,250

Wci-6728: Delft Charger - Pomegranate Motif:
A fine Delft charger, 18th century, pomegranate motif - the fruits creating reserves & centering a small reserve. Minor rim frits. 13 3/4" dia. $875

WCI-6731: Pair of Ridgway Blue and White Pearlware Shaped Dishes:
A desirable pair of Ridgway blue and white pearlware shaped dishes featuring the Radcliffe Camera on Radcliffe Square, Oxford. Plates marked "Radcliffe Library Oxford" "Opaque China" "G&J&W Ridgway", dating to 1837-48, the centennial era of the building. 8" dia., 1 1/4" h. $350

WCI-6744z: Herculaneum Pearlware Covered Coffee Pot:
A rare and fine Herculaneum pearlware covered coffee pot, 1796-1833, Willow pattern. With Christie's London labels and tags. Note the join line. (Owner notations on Christie's tag). 10 1/2"h., 7"dia. $600

WCI-6754z: c. 1820 Rose Medallion Plate:
Chinese export Rose Medallion plate, c. 1820. 8 1/2" dia. Very fine. $295

WCI-6757z: Rose Medallion Punch Bowl:
A handsome Rose Mandarin Chinese export punch bowl, c.1820-30. Light interior wear over entire surface. 4 3/8" h. x 11" dia. $900

WCI-6759z: Rare Rose Medallion Soap Dish:
Rare Chinese export Rose Medallion soap dish, c. 1850; three pieces. bottom plate 5 5/8"w; dish 5 1/8"; cover 5 1/4". $225

WCI-6760z: Rose Medallion Brush Jar:
A very fine and elegant Chinese export Rose Medallion brush jar, reticulated, c.1860. 4 1/8"h. x 2 1/2" dia. $225

WCI-6776z: Pair of Old Paris Pink Covered Urns:
An elegant c. 1860 pair of pink covered urns, Old Paris. One cover repaired Finials of bisque. Pierced for potpourri. Exquisitely hand painted. Offered with a pair of monogrammed undertrays of the period. $750

WCI-6785z: Dresden, Schumann Tall Figural Compote:
Dresden, Schumann, tall figural compote, c.1890-1910. Supported by putti and floral standard on rococo base. Hand painted. Restoration to the shaft and two small spots on compote flowers. Minor petal loss. $195

WCI-6788z: Chinese Hat and Hat Stand:
Chinese porcelain hat stand with Chinese silk hat, c. 1900. A flying fish. $295

WCI-6789z: Chinese Hat with Stand:
Chinese silk hat with Italian stand, c.1900. $295

WCI-6813z: Majolica Stand:
A fine mid-19th century stand of majolica, decorated with musical trophies to hold a jardinere. 43 1/4"h., 12 1/4" dia. $750

WCI-6821z: Ben Owen Jugtown Vegetable Dish & Tray:
A mid-20th century Ben Owen Jugtown pumpkin glazed covered vegetable dish & undertray. Minor flaws. 8 7/8" dia., tray; approx. 5" h. overall. $225

WCI-6824z: 1978 Jugtown Pie Plate:
A 1978 Jugtown bird in branch pie plate, buff to blue glazing. 10 1/4" dia., 1 1/2" h. $145

WCI-6828z: Pair of Rose Mandarin Plates:
A pair of Rose Mandarin deep rimmed plates with shaped and undulating border. c.1800-1830. 5 3/4" dia., 1"h. $120

WCI-6830z: Chinese Mud Men Seated Scholars:
A Chinese mud men figural group of a pair of seated scholars in conversation. 1891-1911 mark. Approx. 6 1/4" w., 5 1/2" h., 3 1/2" dia. $245

WCI-6834z: Early 20th Century Cabbage Leaf Charger:
Early 20th century Chinese export cabbage leaf charger with post 1911 mark. Elegantly decorated in famille verte but usually classified as famille rose (touches of rose define the category). 15 3/4" dia. $900

WCI-6835z: Early 19th Century Famille Rose Plate:
An elegant early 19th century Chinese 8 1/4" famille rose plate with naturalistic tea table, lady with lotus & child. Turquoise chained background. $225

WCI-6852z: c.1770-90 Neoclassical Chinese Export Punch Bowl:
An elegant c. 1770-90 Neoclassical Chinese export punch bowl, Famille Rose. 8 7/8" dia. Note the elegant butterflies on opposing sides. Hairlines. $450

WCI-6856z: Six Handpainted Porcelain Chocolate Cups:
A set of six chocolate cups; old Paris porcelain; c. 1840-60. Each handpainted with a little boy at play. $250

WCI-6866z: 19th Century Copper Luster Pitcher:
Mid-19th century copper luster pitcher; beaded & ribbed body with figural raised motifs on blue band. 5 1/2" h. Girl on bench with peacock. Face spout. $120

WCI-6889z: Worcester c. 1765-90 Bowl:
Worcester c. 1765-90 bowl, soft paste porcelain, "Queen's" pattern with the distinctive Kakiemon influence. Simple border & form unmolded. 6 3/8" dia. Minor wear. $600

WCI-6894z: Meiji/Taisho Porcelain Fan Shaped Dish:
Meiji/Taisho era double fan shaped porcelain dish representing two friends of Winter. 7 1/2" w $120

WCI-6899z: 19th Century Delft Vase:
A 19th Century Delft bottle form vase, a bird in a dress is quite operatic. 6 1/2" h, approx. 4 1/2" dia. $145

WCI-6932z: Pair of Imari Rectangular Dishes:
A pair of Imari rectangular trays or dishes. Meiji-Taisho period. Blue underglaze with polychrome overglaze enamels and gilding. 4 1/4" x 7 1/2" $145

WCI-6934z: Guangxu Period Chinese Covered Box:
Guangxu period Chinese drum form covered box. Fine enameling. Famille rose reserved of elegant ladies. Censer. Late 19th century. 4 1/4"h., 3 1/2"d. $225

WCI-6935z: Famille Jaune Vase:
Elegantly thin famille jaune vase with intricate entwined dragon, later Qing dynasty. 4 5/8"h. SOLD

WCI-6939z: Set of 15 Meiji Era Imari Plates:
A set of 15 Meiji era Imari plates, 7 1/4" dia. Blue underglaze with green and bittersweet motifs of pines and prunus. Extensive gilding. $1,200

WCI-6940z: A c. 1875 Copeland Flow Blue Punchbowl:
A c. 1875 Copeland flow blue transfer printed earthenware punch bowl of fluted design. 13 1/2" dia., 6"h. $225

WCK-188z: Vincenti Mantle Clock and Urns:
Bronze, marble and glass Vincenti mantle clock and garniture urns, c. 1880. 1855 Paris Exposition Silver Medal mark. In the form of a monumental neo-classical country house gate. $4,500

Wco-2639z: Suspension Merry Go Round Sample:
A c.1920's American salesman's sample of a playground suspension merry go round. Iron. Original paint. Lacks 2 struts. With a custom made metal display bracket. 14 1/4" h., 13 3/4" dia. $1,600

Wco-2640z: Salesman's Sample Tilting Revolving Swing:
A 1920's American salesman's sample of a playground tilting seat swing in original paint with a custom wall bracket for display. 14 1/8" h., 13 7/8" dia. $1,600

Wco-2641z: Merry Go Round Salesman's Sample:
A c.1920's American salesman's sample of a playground merry go round, this holding up to 18 children at once! Original red painted surface. With a custom made wall bracket for display. 9" h., 16 1/4" dia. $1,600

Wco-2762: c.1900 English Pond Yacht :
An excellent c.1900 English pond yacht with planked deck & excellent fittings. Original name plate: Sea-Bird. Original white paint, green line and finished wood. Now with custom made display stand. 30" w., 5 7/8" d., 31 1/2" h. $1,200

Wco-2820z: Lacquered Papier Mache Kashmiri Tray:
A wonderful lacquered papier mache Kashmiri tray by the celebrated Suffering Moses, acquired c.1970. A tree with green leaves. Exceptional work associated with this great studio. $325

Wco-2821z: Lacquered Papier Mache Kashmiri Tray:
A wonderful lacquered papier mache Kashmiri tray by the celebrated Suffering Moses, acquired c.1970. A tree with blue leaves. Exceptional work associated with this great studio. $325

Wco-2837z: H.V. Shourds Goose Decoy:
A 1976 signed and dated H.V. Shourds goose decoy with glass eyes. $350

Wco-2838z: Bob Seabrook Hollow Duck Decoy:
A signed Bob Seabrook hollow duck decoy, stamped JON. Glass eyes. $350

WCO-2842: Large 19th C. #1 Level:
A fine, large 19th century #1 level, brass bound mahogany, by "Straton Brothers, Greenfield, Mass" & owned by a Mr. Downs. Perfect working condition. Found from an English estate in the West Country. $375

WCO-2876z: Late 19th-Early 20th Century Kidney Shaped Tiny Basket:
A superb quality Kidney shaped tiny basket - splint style of the South - late 19th-early 20th century. Exquisitely wrapped splints. $450

WCO-2880z: Huntley and Palmers Cairo Tin:
A rare and fine taboret table biscuit tin, Huntley and Palmers: "Cairo", 1903, designed and made by Huntley, Boorne and Stevens. See M.J. Franklin, "Biscuit Tins, 1868-1939", front cover and pp. 66-67. $435

WCO-2886z: Italian Pietre Dure Mosaic :
A 1961 Italian pietre dure mosaic floral spray of Belgium black marble, malachite, chalcedony, Armogreen, turquoise & Indian shell. Inscribed & labeled on back. McFadden family. Original frame. $285

WCO-2888z: 19th Century French Gilt Silver Lorgnette:
Pair of 19th century French gilt silver Lorgnette; faux tortoise and silver holder; leather case for storage. 2nd standard, small articles mark. Pull trigger to flip open. $170

WCO-2889z: 19th Century French Gilt Silver Lorgnette:
19th century French gilt silver Lorgnette in a solid gilt silver case. Trigger release. $135

WCO-2901: English Regimental Bugle:
A fine regimental bugle with badge, c.1915. Copper and brass. $245

WCO-2902: 40 Section Stick Stand:
A hard to find 40 section stick stand, designed as a shop fixture. French Colonial, c.1900, beech and ash. $350

WCO-2957z: Miniature American Blanket Chest:
A miniature American Pennsylvania style blanket chest, a reproduction of the antique made in the early 20th century. 23"w. 10 1/2"d., 15"h. $450

Wda-1148: Marble & Bronze Desk Top Inkwell:
A beautifully figured marble & bronze desk top inkwell - c. 1860 - the marble rippling from sienna to deep rose. On square feet. $350

Wda-1308: Lawn Bowl Bookends:
A pair of antique ivory inlaid lawn bowls, late 19th century, English. Now mounted as bookends. $450

Wda-1323: Putti Wall Bracket:
Carved, giltwood putti supported wall bracket with faux marbre shelf, c.1870. 15" h., 9 1/2" w., 7" d. $375

WDA-1437: Pair of Elephant Bookends:
A pair of bookends - silvered bronze elephants and marble, c. 1930s. Male tusked African elephants with trunks proudly curled. 5 1/4"w., 3 1/4"l., 4 1/4"h. - each. $425

WDA-1440: 19th century Brass Bound Barrel:
late 19th century brass bound barrel. Mounted with a collection of horse brasses by an early owner. large twisted brass ring handles. $485

WDA-1448z: 2-Panel English Chinese Screen:
A 2-panel English Chinese Chippendale screen of mahogany in Gothik taste with carved painted beech panels, c. 1840-80. Each panel is 21 1/8" w. x 46 1/2"h. $900

WDA-1455z: C. 1880 Walnut Bellows :
C. 1880 walnut continental bellows featuring the wind & other Renaissance motifs. Fine hand carving. $600

WDA-1456z: Mid-Century Modern Teak Gallery Tray:
An elegant Mid-Century Modern teak gallery tray with ebonized gallery rim. 14 1/8" dia. $145

WFE-230z: c.1960s Brass and Iron Fire Tool Set:
A very fine c.1960s American mid-century modern brass and iron fire tool set on stand. $295

Wg-2087z: Blown Cranberry & Vaseline Glass Epergne:
A late 19th century blown cranberry & vaseline glass epergne, each cornucopia & trumpet form with applied glass riggory decoration. Exceptional condition. $750

Wg-2115z: 19th Century French Glass & Gilt Bronze Table Box :
An elegant & desirable late 19th century French cut glass & gilt bronze table box, attributed to St. Louis Glass Co. 2 3/8" h. 3 1/4" w. 2 1/4" d. $450

WG-2167z: Cut Glass Bowl c. 1895-1905:
Cut glass bowl, c. 1895-1905, American Brilliant Period. The superb Russian pattern bowl is 8" dia. and 3 3/4" deep. Near perfect condition. $337.50

WG-2172z: Baccarat Loch Ness Monster:
Nessy, the Loch Ness monster, in 4 parts by Baccarat for a plateau or table. Perfect condition. Mid-20th century. $225

WG-2213: Murano Abstract Table Sculpture:
A gorgeous Murano abstract table sculpture, the twisted blue green form on a clear crystal block. 1970s-80s. 14 3/4"h. $275

WG-2230z: Pair of Covered Sweetmeat Urns:
A fine, near perfect, pair of covered sweetmeat urns, English, Regency Period c. 1805. Still with neoclassical engravings. 7 3/4"h., 4 1/2"dia. $450

WGD-383: Large Stone Otter Garden Figure:
A large cast stone garden figure of an otter, together with a natural stone outcropping. 2nd quarter 20th century. 15"h., 23 1/4"l., 14 1/2"w. $485

WGD-389z: English Terracotta Chimney Pot:
An English terracotta chimney pot, c.1900. Fluted top section with alternating bulbous bottom section. 27 1/4"h. $295

WGD-390z: Large English Terracotta Chimney Pot:
Large English terracotta chimney pot with crenelated top, molded accents, and "down spouts". Late 19th century. 36"h. $550

WI-460z: 18th Century Walrus Ivory Oval Box:
An 18th century oval box of walrus ivory with metal insets for decoration & showing Asian design influence. Probably sailor made. 3 5/8" x 2 5/8", 1/2" h. $295

WI-461z: 19th Century Carved Okimono:
Late 19th century marine ivory carved Okimono - clam shell filled with a lake landscape. Approx 3" w., 2 3/8" dia., 1 5/8" h. $225

WJ-629z: c. 1910 Bar Pin:
C. 1910 bar pin of 14k gold with central pearl. 1 3/4" dia. $180

WL-1258z: Art Modern Chrome and Cut Crystal Lamp:
A gorgeous c. 1940-60 mid-century Art Modern chrome and cut crystal stacked block lamp, rewired. France. $950

WL-1259z: Pair of Mid-Century Laurel Lamps:
A smart mid-century modern pair of lamps, walnut and brass, c.1960, newly wired. By Laurel. $1,600

WL-1277: c. 1970 Lucite Floor Lamp:
A smart c.1970 lucite floor lamp table, the square base rising to a hexagonal table surface. The whole balances clear and frosted lucite in 4 incut square columns. 60"h., 18"x 18" table. $975

WL-1278: c. 1970 Stacked Block Lucite Floor Lamp:
A stylish c.1970 Mid-Century Modern stacked block lucite floor lamp with square lucite base. 63"h. $850

Wl-922: 1930's Art Deco Yacht Lamp:
1930's Art Deco Yacht Library/Gentleman's Club Lamp - newly electrified. 18" h., 18" w., 4 1/2" d. $350

WLI-277z: Japanese Maru Obi:
Japanese Maru Obi of gold, silver and copper threads with silk. 19th century. Decorated on both sides for full length. Kyoto. Due to the great weight of metal threads, only worn for very formal occasions. 13" x 156 3/4" $450

wmi-13223z: Copper Bundt Pan:
A Victorian tinned copper bundt pan with ring to hang. $225

Wmi-2768: Monteith of Tole:
c.1830 French Restauration Period tole monteith, blue floral motifs on mustard ground. Monteiths allow the rinsing of glasses between courses of wine. $950

Wmi-3076z: c.1860-75 English Copper Jelly Mold by Benham:
A c.1860-75 English copper jelly mold by Benham with orb & cross opposing sun marks. Chain motif. $150

Wmi-3077z: c.1860-75 English Castle Motif Coper Jelly Mold by Benham:
c.1860-75 English copper jelly mold by Benham, opposing marks of a sun with orb & cross. Castle motif with dents. $115

WMI-3191: Cast Iron French Scales:
A set of cast iron French scales with brass pans & weights in original wooden block. The Art Nouveau stand noting the 10k maximum weight. Brass pans & full set of weights. Note the "kissing" ducks as the scale returns to equilibrium. c.1900. width: 10" length: 20" height: 7.25" $950

WMI-3197: Large French Copper Pot:
A large French copper pot with cover, c.1860, hand dovetailed construction with heart handle brace. $225

WMI-3198: Brass Jardinière:
Mid-19th century brass jardinière featuring a Viking Ship, the gadroon base imitative of ocean waves. Base with bosses. Splendid lion masks. 14 5/8" dia., 11 3/8" h. $985

WMI-3209: Brass Chestnut Roaster:
A good Victorian brass chestnut roaster, square form, featuring a lion rampant. Copper rivets. Cutwork handle tip & base. $325

WMI-3212: Cheshire Cat Brass Doorstop:
Cheshire Cat doorstop, brass, early 20th century on stepped base. 10"h., 8 1/2"w., 1 3/4"l. $285

WMI-3214: Star Motif Brass Strainer:
A star motif round brass strainer, English, c.1840's. The copper rivets are large & durable. $245

WMI-3216: Large Brass Strainer:
A large brass strainer - spatula form curved & pierced early 19th century English. The piercings of circles & a diamond. Cutwork handle. $345

WMI-3217: English Brass Strainer:
A large brass strainer, English, early 19th century. Nice cutwork handle with heart shape tip. Concentric circles. $265

WMI-3240z: Early 18th Century Bronze Bell:
Early 18th century bronze bell, replaced clapper is a 19th century soccle cover. $295

WMI-3251z: Mid 19th Century Barlow Patent Brass Candlesticks:
Pair of brass candlesticks, Barlow patent screw mechanism push-rods, mid-19th century. 7 1/4" h. This invention replaced the open slide stick & had graspers. Rare. $450

WOF-2279z: English Mahogany Portable Desk:
An organizing cabinet and portable desk, English, c. 1860. Patterned on a French cartonnier. Mahogany throughout. Beautifully & fully fitted. $1,200

WOT-2169: Tole Tray on Custom Coffee Table Stand:
A well decorated tole tray on custom faux bamboo stand. The tray dates to c.1840 and features the Goddess of the Dawn, Eos in Greece, Aurora in Rome, with her chariot & winged horses driving away the darkness. 30 3/8" w., 22 1/8" d., 20" h. $2,800

WOT-2194z: English Papier Mache Tray on Stand:
English c. 1860 papier mache tray on stand. The tray with delicate and original decoration. Now on a superbly crafted stand of considerable age, painted to match. 31 7/8" x 26", 19 7/8"h. $900

WP-1966z: Norman Ives Black on Maroon Shapes :
An intriguing square Norman Ives, American, 1923-1978, signed "I:B. 1971 84/100" 1.1. in pencil. 14 3/4" image size. Black on maroon shapes in tiny squares. Acquired by Dorothy and Paul Ferster from their friend Norman Ives. Dorothy Ferster Collection. $190

WP-1990z: John Clifford Pellew painting "Mountain Meadow":
"Mountain Meadow", signed lower right "Pellew, 79", oil on canvas. John Clifford Pellew, American, born in 1903. Member of the National Academy. 30"x40". 31 5/8" x 41 3/4" framed. $1,200

WP-1996z: Watercolor of Barnard Castle:
A charming watercolor of Barnard Castle, signed lower right Sidney Watts, 19th-20th century. Of note as well for his fine botanical works. $750

WP-1999z: Harry Lachman :
"Village in Normandy", oil on artist board, Harry B. Lachman, American 1876-1974. Signed lower left; Harry B. Lachman, '15. Frame: 22 7/8" x 28 3/4" $1,200

WP-2002z: Village Harbor:
"Village Harbor" oil on artist board, illegibly signed lower right, 1886? Gentle dawn sky. Provenance: Johnsie Wilkins, Chapel Hill, NC. Frame 12 1/2" x 10 3/4" $450

WP-2007z: Mid-19th Century Silhouette in Frame:
An elegant mid-19th century silhouette with gilt highlighting in period bird's eye maple frame. "Elizabeth Davy Sluddy,...died at Alta Vista...buried at Marldon." 7 3/8" x 6 3/8" frame. $295

WP-2008z: "Boy with a Hoop and Stick" 19th Century Portrait:
"Boy with Hoop and Stick", a good charming English portrait of the mid-19th century. Cleaned, lined and well framed. Canvas: 25 1/2" x 12 1/4". Frame: 31 1/2" x 27 1/4". $2,900

WP-2011z: Victorian Stevengraph of 17th Century Gentleman:
A Victorian Stevengraph of a 17th century gentleman in gray, black and bronze silk threads. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WP-2012z: Victorian Stevengraph of Rembrandt van Rijn:
A Victorian Stevengraph portrait of Rembrandt van Rijn. The gold and silver silk weave creates an iridescent effect. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WP-2013z: Victorian Stevengraph of 15th Century Scientist:
Victorian Stevengraph silk portrait of a 15th century Italian scientist in a library. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WP-2014z: Victorian Stevengraph of 15th Century Lady:
Victorian woven silk Stevengraph portrait of a 15th century lady of means. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WP-2015z: Victorian Stevengraph of 16th Century Lady:
A Victorian silk Stevengraph portrait of a 16th century woman of means. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WPS-145: Pub Sign for The Zetland:
"The Zetland" pub sign featuring the Vikings arriving in the famous Shetland Islands of Scotland at the northern extremity of the country. New frame. 47 1/2"., 34 3/4"w. $1,400

WSI-7597z: c. 1920 Rococo Candelabra:
A large Rococo candelabra with 4 or 5 lights; shell and floral motifs. c. 1920s. Sheffield Silver Co., Brooklyn, NY. 19" h., 16 1/4" dia. $337.50

WSI-7653z: Silverplated Tea Tray:
A handsome silverplated tea tray by International, c. 1930. $450

WSI-7798z: Three Piece Doll Silver Parlor Set for Doll House:
For a doll house, an elegant Rococo Revival silver parlor set: triple settee & 2 side chairs. Continental. .835 standard hallmarks. $225

WSI-7799z: Silver Sofa Doll House Piece:
Silver camel back sofa doll house piece in the Chippendale Rococo style. Continental .830 standard hallmarks. The perfect piece for an elegant doll house. $180

WSI-7800z: Sterling Doll House 3-Light Candelabra:
Sterling silver doll house 3-light candelabra. Rococo style. .925 hallmarks. $120

WSI-7824z: Pair of 3-light Neo-Classical Candelabras:
A pair of American 3-light sterling silver candelabras, 14 1/4" h., 13 1/2" w. Elegant neo-classical form. $600

WSI-7880z: Georgian Style Sugar Basket:
A Georgian style urn shaped swing handle sugar basket, Birmingham, 1925. 5.20 troy oz. $180

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