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Wb-1105z English Cormandel Wood Box:
c.1860 English cormandel wood box with concealed drawer (interior release) & removable mirror. Engraved brass escutcheons, hinges & locks signed WJ&S Improved. 6 3/4" h., 12" w., 9" d. $600

Wb-1120z: Huntley & Palmers Artist's Pallete Biscuit Tin:
WB 1120: A wonderful & very rare Huntley & Palmer's Biscuit Tin in the form of an Artist's Pallette. We have never seen this example in England and, in fact, discovered it in the south of France. 2" h., 7 3/4" w., 9" d. $450

Wb-1144: Sarcophagus Form English Rosewood Tea Caddy:
A sarcophagus form, c. 1820, English rosewood Tea Caddy. Brass flower basket handle on lid & brass ball feet. Simple design offset by great figure in the timber. $950

WB-1182: Pine Games Compendium Box :
A late 19th century Games Compendium Box of pine. Fully fitted with chess board and set, cribbage board and pieces, backgammon pieces, dice shaker, and more. $975

Wb-1271z: English Papier Mache Dometop Letter Box:
c. 1860 English papier mache dometop letter box, extravagantly inlaid with abalone shell & gilded. Interior with inkwells, stamp box & divisions for diverse papers. Some old repairs. $675

WB-1280z: 19th C. Burl Birch Snuff Box :
An early 19th century solid burl birch box snuff box, Northern European, with tortoise shell lining. $345

WB-1281z: Amboyna Burl Calling Card/Cigarette Case:
A 19th century solid amboyna burl calling card case or cigarette case. $295

WB-1284z: c. 1880s Huntley &Palmer's Hunt Scenes Biscuit Tin:
A stunning hunt scenes cartouche form Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin with fine lithographs, c. 1880s. 6.5"h, 7"w, 5"d $600

WB-1289z: 1878 Paris Grand Prize Biscuit Tin with Four Season with Four Continents:
1878 Paris Grand Prize for biscuits awarded to Huntley & Palmers, fully inscribed on bottom. The tin is a casket of cartouche shape with Japonisme bowl & insignia of the four season with four continents. 3 2/5" h, 7 1/2" w, 5 1/2" d $600

WB-1292z: Railroad Lantern Biscuit Tin:
Huntley & Palmers 1911 railroad lantern biscuit tin. 9" h, 4 1/2" w, 5" d $450

WB-1293z: Picnic Hamper with Folding Handle Biscuit Tin:
A picnic hamper with folding handle, biscuit tin by Huntley & Palmers, made in 1897. 5 7/10" h, 7 3/10" w, 5 7/10" d $600

WB-1294z: Binocular Case with Folding Handle:
A binocular case with folding handle, 1907 Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin. 7" h, 6" w, 3 1/2" d $450

WB-1296z: Sir Walter Scott Classics - Leather Bound Strapped Books Biscuit Tin:
Sir Walter Scott classics - leather bound strapped books biscuit tin by Huntley & Palmers part of a series of these clever boxes with "bookmark" tabs to open them. Gilt edges. 6 3/10" h, 6 3/10" w, 4 9/10 d $600

WB-1297z: Literature Biscuit Tin by Huntley & Palmers:
The 1901 "Literature" leather strap biscuit tin bu Huntley & Palmers with pull tab "bookmark", "Marbleized" edges & "tooled leather". 6 1/5 h, 6 3/10 w, 4 7/10 d $750

WB-1306: Lady's Shoe Snuff Box:
Lady's shoe snuff box with silver and abalone inlay, 19th century. Striker "sole". Papier mache. 3 1/4'l., 1"w., 1 1/4"h $145

WB-1308z: Scenic Snuff Box:
A charming 19th century scenic snuff box of 2 drunks being chased and admonished. Interior collection/museum #A.704. 3"l., 2"w., 1"h. $180

Wb-744z: Treen Snuff Box:
An "Only One Pinch" rare c.1780 treen snuff box, made of boxwood. A restraint on greedy friends! Old base shrinkage crack. Rotate to use and seal. $750

Wci-6425z: Cartouche Form Worcester Porcelain Box:
A "Worcester" porcelain box, cartouche form with floral reserve & powder blue ground, the silver mounts revealing the true maker, Edme Samson of Paris, c. 1860-1880. Provenance: Sir Lionel & Lady Whitby, Cambridge, England. $135

Wco-2454: Huntley & Palmer Biscuit Tin - Oval Sport Motif:
A Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin, sporting motifs on an oval form, the top reserve with golf scene and the side panels with polo, etc. 7" w., 5 1/2" d., 4" h. $350

Wco-2498z: Roman Lamp form Snuff Box:
A Roman lamp form maplewood and tortoise shell snuff box of great rarity and exquisite craftsmanship, c. 1800 from Scotland. Integral hinge. Inlaid gold shield on the lid. Provenance: Halcyon Days, London. $1,800

Wco-2500z: Scarlet Tole French Snuff Box:
Scarlet tole French snuff box, c.1800, navette form - silver trimmed. $225

WCO-2957z: Miniature American Blanket Chest:
A miniature American Pennsylvania style blanket chest, a reproduction of the antique made in the early 20th century. 23"w. 10 1/2"d., 15"h. $450

WDA-1440: 19th century Brass Bound Barrel:
late 19th century brass bound barrel. Mounted with a collection of horse brasses by an early owner. large twisted brass ring handles. $485

Wg-2115z: 19th Century French Glass & Gilt Bronze Table Box :
An elegant & desirable late 19th century French cut glass & gilt bronze table box, attributed to St. Louis Glass Co. 2 3/8" h. 3 1/4" w. 2 1/4" d. $450

WOF-2279z: English Mahogany Portable Desk:
An organizing cabinet and portable desk, English, c. 1860. Patterned on a French cartonnier. Mahogany throughout. Beautifully & fully fitted. $1,200

Wof-2279z: English Organizing Cabinet & Portable Desk:
An organizing cabinet and portable desk, English, c.1860. Patterned on a French cartonnier. Mahogany throughout. Beautifully & fully fitted. 15 1/4" w., 6 1/2" d., 15" (open depth), 9 3/4" h. $1,200

Wot-1528 Harrods Moroccan Green Suitcase on stand:
A glorious Moroccan Green Suitcase, now mounted on a custom made stand. We have the protective original outer case to go with this piece -- thus its superb color! (Original Harrods Insignia)24 3/4" h. with stand, 7" h. without stand, 18" w., 14" d. $700

Wot-2170: Large Walnut Box on Custom Stand:
A large walnut c.1840 box, exposed dovetail construction. "A" "R" initials in brass script mounted to the front. Wonderful quality bronze floral & acanthus mounts; 3 carrying handles. Now on custom stand 29" w., 16 5/8" d., 22" h. $1,600

Wot-2182: George III Lap Desk on Custom Stand:
A George III lap desk now on a custom stand. Heavy mahogany extensively banded in brass. Reading & writing rail with adjustable slope. 19 1/2" w., 10 3/4" d., 22" h. $1,950

WSI-7829z: Egyptian Revival Silverplated Biscuit Box:
An Egyptian revival English silverplated on nickle biscuit box by Horace Woodward & Co., Birmingham, 1876-93. Sphinx finial. 7"h. 7 1/8" dia. $225

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