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Wco-2639z: Suspension Merry Go Round Sample:
A c.1920's American salesman's sample of a playground suspension merry go round. Iron. Original paint. Lacks 2 struts. With a custom made metal display bracket. 14 1/4" h., 13 3/4" dia. $1,600

Wco-2640z: Salesman's Sample Tilting Revolving Swing:
A 1920's American salesman's sample of a playground tilting seat swing in original paint with a custom wall bracket for display. 14 1/8" h., 13 7/8" dia. $1,600

Wco-2641z: Merry Go Round Salesman's Sample:
A c.1920's American salesman's sample of a playground merry go round, this holding up to 18 children at once! Original red painted surface. With a custom made wall bracket for display. 9" h., 16 1/4" dia. $1,600

Wda-1378z: Cradle--American:
A patented 1876 Ford Johnson, Indiana, labeled field cradle in exceptional red paint with blue grey decoration. One charming old stave repair. Stabilize, rock, and pull through the fields created an ingenious cradle for indoors or out. $750

WSI-7798z: Three Piece Doll Silver Parlor Set for Doll House:
For a doll house, an elegant Rococo Revival silver parlor set: triple settee & 2 side chairs. Continental. .835 standard hallmarks. $225

WSI-7799z: Silver Sofa Doll House Piece:
Silver camel back sofa doll house piece in the Chippendale Rococo style. Continental .830 standard hallmarks. The perfect piece for an elegant doll house. $180

WSI-7800z: Sterling Doll House 3-Light Candelabra:
Sterling silver doll house 3-light candelabra. Rococo style. .925 hallmarks. $120

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