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Wci-3830z: Mid-19th Century Luneville Basket of Flowers Faience Plate:
Mid-19th century Luneville Basket of Flowers Faience Plate. $150

Wci-3886z: Mid-19th Century Luneville Covered Vegetable Tureen:
A mid-19th century Luneville Covered Vegetable Tureen. Classic large sprays of pink and rose flowers. $450

Wci-3891z: Mid-19th Century Luneville Floral Spray Decorated Plate:
A mid-19th century Luneville Floral Spray Decorated Plate. $150

Wci-4103z: Luneville Soup Tureen & Underplate:
A dynamite Luneville soup tureen and underplate of the late 19th century- encrusted with brilliantly rendered vegetables. Faience. Superb condition. $750

Wci-4555z: Fine Pair of Lunevill Faience Plates with Large Flower Bouquets:
A fine pair of early to mid-19th century Luneville faience plats; large bouquets of flowers within a feather edge border. $250

Wci-5668z: Late 18th Century French Faience Covered Porringer with Original Undertray:
A fine late 18th century French faience covered porringer with original undertray- a silver form translated into ceramics. Blue floral decoration. Molded handles. Overall excellent condition. $450

Wci-5671z: c.1780 Luneville Neoclassical Reticulated Faience Basket:
c.1780 Luneville neoclassical reticulated faience basket with typical floral spray central reserve & rose pink edge, the exterior latticework sprinkled with rose & yellow florets. Note the green vine entwined handles & charming leaf on the edge hiding a kiln flaw. $600

WCI-6668z: Faience Fluted Bowl, c. 1820:
Les Islettes, Argonne, faience fluted bowl with carnation motif, c. 1820. Fluted border. Stapled repair. $110

WCI-6669z: Pair of Les Islettes Faience Floral Plates:
Pair of Les Islettes, Argonne region, Alsace Lorraine, faience bright floral lobed plates, c. 1830. $225

WCI-6671z: Faience Plate with Watchtower and Palm Tree:
Meillouas, Bourg en Bresse, southeastern France. faience plate with a watch tower and palm tree by the sea, c. 1830 $110

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