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WB-1280z: 19th C. Burl Birch Snuff Box :
An early 19th century solid burl birch box snuff box, Northern European, with tortoise shell lining. $345

WB-1281z: Amboyna Burl Calling Card/Cigarette Case:
A 19th century solid amboyna burl calling card case or cigarette case. $295

WB-1289z: 1878 Paris Grand Prize Biscuit Tin with Four Season with Four Continents:
1878 Paris Grand Prize for biscuits awarded to Huntley & Palmers, fully inscribed on bottom. The tin is a casket of cartouche shape with Japonisme bowl & insignia of the four season with four continents. 3 2/5" h, 7 1/2" w, 5 1/2" d $600

WB-1290z: Venice Cityscape Biscuit Tin :
A stunning Art Nouveau Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin, Venice with city in background & romantic boats overall. C. 1905. 6" h, 7 3/5" w, 9" d $750

WB-1292z: Railroad Lantern Biscuit Tin:
Huntley & Palmers 1911 railroad lantern biscuit tin. 9" h, 4 1/2" w, 5" d $450

WB-1293z: Picnic Hamper with Folding Handle Biscuit Tin:
A picnic hamper with folding handle, biscuit tin by Huntley & Palmers, made in 1897. 5 7/10" h, 7 3/10" w, 5 7/10" d $600

WB-1294z: Binocular Case with Folding Handle:
A binocular case with folding handle, 1907 Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin. 7" h, 6" w, 3 1/2" d $450

WB-1296z: Sir Walter Scott Classics - Leather Bound Strapped Books Biscuit Tin:
Sir Walter Scott classics - leather bound strapped books biscuit tin by Huntley & Palmers part of a series of these clever boxes with "bookmark" tabs to open them. Gilt edges. 6 3/10" h, 6 3/10" w, 4 9/10 d $600

WB-1297z: Literature Biscuit Tin by Huntley & Palmers:
The 1901 "Literature" leather strap biscuit tin bu Huntley & Palmers with pull tab "bookmark", "Marbleized" edges & "tooled leather". 6 1/5 h, 6 3/10 w, 4 7/10 d $750

WB-1306: Lady's Shoe Snuff Box:
Lady's shoe snuff box with silver and abalone inlay, 19th century. Striker "sole". Papier mache. 3 1/4'l., 1"w., 1 1/4"h $145

WB-1308z: Scenic Snuff Box:
A charming 19th century scenic snuff box of 2 drunks being chased and admonished. Interior collection/museum #A.704. 3"l., 2"w., 1"h. $180

WBK-256z: Cased Set of Montaigne Essays:
A cased set of quarter bound Montaigne, 5 volumes of essays. $145

WBK-262z: 1911 Edition Book of Hans Christian Anderson "La Reine des Neiges":
1911 French Art H. Piazza Edition, Hans Christian Andersen "La Reine des Neiges", 28 illustrations by Edmond Dulac, 500 printed on Japan paper. 1st French edition. Each illustration tipper in on card under tissue. Pure Art Nouveau. 12" x 9 5/8", 2"h. $600

Wbr-144z: Vienna Bronze Mountain Goat:
A very rare and splendidly cast Vienna Bronze cold painted Mountain Goat, 4th quarter 19th century. Fine condition. 5 1/2" l., 2" w., 4 1/8" h. $2,400

Wbr-145z: Vienna Bronze Reindeer:
An amazingly life-like, wonderfully sculpted late 19th century Vienna Bronze of a Reindeer. Superb condition - brilliantly cold painted. 7" l., 2 1/4" w., 6" h. $2,400

Wbr-160: 19th c. Grand Tour Bronze:
19th c. Grand Tour Bronze of a young Satyr with cymbals. After the antique. $350

Wbr-200: Vienna Bronze Dog:
A fine Vienna bronze dog, wonderfully alert, with a blue collar. 3 3/4" l., 1" w., 3 3/8" h. $675

Wbr-209z: Bronze Yatate with Coral Ojime:
Bronze yatate, with calligraphy brush, coral ojime and simple bronze netsuke, apparently all original Edo-Meiji period, c. 1860. Dorothy Ferster Collection. 7 1/2 x 5/16". $265

Wbr-210z: Bronze Open Work Yatate, Meiji period:
Bronze Open work yatate, Meiji period (1868-1912), in the form of a fish, silver line inlays &an extensive inscription in grass writing, a style often associated with the aristocratic & scholarly class. Dorothy Ferster Collection. $265

Wbr-211z: Netsuke - rare bronze fire strike:
Netsuke - rare bronze fire strike. The oval form set with silver & gold flowers unlocking to the strike. Meiji periods (1868-1912). Dorothy Ferster Collection. $575

Wbr-212z: A Meiji period Bronze Brush Washer:
A Meiji period bronze brush washer, encrusted with gilded crab, dragonfly & vines of copper. On an associated agate base. Dorothy Ferster Collection. $900

Wch-497z: Country French Miniature Empire Period Commode:
A very good c.1810 Country French Miniature Empire Period commode in cherry with original hardware. 16 1/8w., 9"d., 11 1/8"h. $1,200

Wch-626z: Miniature Dutch Commode:
A rare and fine c.1780 miniature Dutch commode exhibiting the finest craftmanship and design suggesting origins as a master craftsman's "exam" piece. Made of mahogany veneers over oak with ebony and boxwood inlays. Serpentine in form, raised on platform feet with molded corners. Repair to front left corner, minor inlay restoration above lower lock and re-polished. 12 1/2"w., 8 1/2"h., 7 1/2"d. $1,200

Wci-4030: Majolica Asparagus Serving Tray:
WCI 4030: A c.1870 Majolica Asparagus Serving Tray with Sauce Reservoir. $475

Wci-4570: Majolica Asparagus Server:
A large, graceful basket and flower motif c.1860-80 French Majolica Asparagus Server with double sauce wells. $675

Wci-4631: Staffordshire Figure of a Musician and His Companion.:
Wci-4631: Staffordshire figure of a musician & his companion on a daybed, c.1860. Wonderfully colorful. $275

Wci-4636: Staffordshire Figure of Dick Turpin:
Staffordshire Figure of Dick Turpin, mounted on horseback, late 19th century well decorated. $275

WCI-4689: Staffordshire Figures of Dick Turpin & Tom King:
A pair of mid-19th century Staffordshire Figures of the infamous highwaymen Dick Turpin & Tom King; particularly well painted. $550

WCI-6496z: c. 1825 Davenport Handwarmer :
A rare Davenport handwarmer, c. 1825, pearlware, underglaze blue Country House decoration. $170

WCI-6668z: Faience Fluted Bowl, c. 1820:
Les Islettes, Argonne, faience fluted bowl with carnation motif, c. 1820. Fluted border. Stapled repair. $110

WCI-6669z: Pair of Les Islettes Faience Floral Plates:
Pair of Les Islettes, Argonne region, Alsace Lorraine, faience bright floral lobed plates, c. 1830. $225

WCI-6671z: Faience Plate with Watchtower and Palm Tree:
Meillouas, Bourg en Bresse, southeastern France. faience plate with a watch tower and palm tree by the sea, c. 1830 $110

WCI-6689z: The Wine Makers Porcelain Capodimonte:
"The Wine Makers" a charming porcelain Capodimonte figural group with basket for flowers. Late 19th century. Expected minor losses. $225

WCI-6731: Pair of Ridgway Blue and White Pearlware Shaped Dishes:
A desirable pair of Ridgway blue and white pearlware shaped dishes featuring the Radcliffe Camera on Radcliffe Square, Oxford. Plates marked "Radcliffe Library Oxford" "Opaque China" "G&J&W Ridgway", dating to 1837-48, the centennial era of the building. 8" dia., 1 1/4" h. $350

WCI-6739z: Late 18th Century Cabinet Cup and Saucer:
An elegant cabinet cup and saucer, late 18th century, Capo di Monte, Naples, pre-kingdom period. Neoclassical with a trophy panel and monogram "L" on the cup; extensive romantic reserve on the saucer. Provenance: "Dott. Falanga, Via Dom. Morelli 6, Napoli." Soft paste porcelain. Fully gilded interior and extensive gilding on cobalt body. Tiny star under saucer. $450

WCI-6828z: Pair of Rose Mandarin Plates:
A pair of Rose Mandarin deep rimmed plates with shaped and undulating border. c.1800-1830. 5 3/4" dia., 1"h. $120

WCI-6852z: c.1770-90 Neoclassical Chinese Export Punch Bowl:
An elegant c. 1770-90 Neoclassical Chinese export punch bowl, Famille Rose. 8 7/8" dia. Note the elegant butterflies on opposing sides. Hairlines. $450

WCI-6894z: Meiji/Taisho Porcelain Fan Shaped Dish:
Meiji/Taisho era double fan shaped porcelain dish representing two friends of Winter. 7 1/2" w $120

WCI-6901z: Set of 6 Meiji Period Plates:
A set of 6 plates, 8 1/4" dia., late Meiji period. Each exquisitely hand painted with tea houses set in mountains, by lakes and streams. Each with 8 character marks. $450

WCI-6932z: Pair of Imari Rectangular Dishes:
A pair of Imari rectangular trays or dishes. Meiji-Taisho period. Blue underglaze with polychrome overglaze enamels and gilding. 4 1/4" x 7 1/2" $145

WCI-6934z: Guangxu Period Chinese Covered Box:
Guangxu period Chinese drum form covered box. Fine enameling. Famille rose reserved of elegant ladies. Censer. Late 19th century. 4 1/4"h., 3 1/2"d. $225

WCI-6935z: Famille Jaune Vase:
Elegantly thin famille jaune vase with intricate entwined dragon, later Qing dynasty. 4 5/8"h. SOLD

WCI-6940z: A c. 1875 Copeland Flow Blue Punchbowl:
A c. 1875 Copeland flow blue transfer printed earthenware punch bowl of fluted design. 13 1/2" dia., 6"h. $225

Wco-2465z: 18th Century Carved and Polychromed Saint:
An 18th Century Carved and Polychromed Saint, various old repairs and losses, but a truly great original surface! 42 1/2"h. $1,200

Wco-2484z: Virgin dela Salvacion Carving:
Virgin dela Salvacion, 19th century, Tagalog region of the Philippines. Softwood carving with original polychrome. She holds Christ with an orb. Provenance: Melosi, Atlanta, March 24, 1990. $1,200

Wco-2488z: 19th century Ascension of Christ Carving:
A fine mid-19th century carved Ascension of Christ into the heavens, standing on the world on clouds with angelic supporters (separately carved). Warm European white oak. Carved with sensitivity in a difficult medium. $1,200

Wco-2489z: A mid-late 18th Century Italian Rococo Reliquary:
A mid-late 18th century Italian Rococo Reliquary, carved pine in polychrome & gilt. Wax figures of Mary, Queen of Heaven with Baby Jesus. The lower chamber for fragments of Saints bones, etc. $1,400

Wco-2566: Ballbearing Corkscrew:
Ballbearing corkscrew, early 20th century. Peters, pp. 101-102. Nickel on steel. $195

Wco-2567: Steel Corkscrew:
Steel lantern handle corkscrew, late 19th-early 20th century. English. $85

Wco-2604: Swan Pond Yacht:
"Swan" pond yacht, built by M. Burton of Plymouth, labeled. Made entirely of matchsticks - a great rarity and labor of love. Handsome blue & yellow original sails. Now on a custom stand. Early 20th century. 17 1/2" w., 5 1/4" d., 28" h. $800

Wco-2605: Large Pond Yacht :
A superb Edwardian Pond Yacht with great paint, good sails & exceptional deck fittings including brass hatch & row boat. Custom made stand. 28" w., 5 1/8" d., 38 3/8" h. $1,400

Wco-2762: c.1900 English Pond Yacht :
An excellent c.1900 English pond yacht with planked deck & excellent fittings. Original name plate: Sea-Bird. Original white paint, green line and finished wood. Now with custom made display stand. 30" w., 5 7/8" d., 31 1/2" h. $1,200

Wco-2835: Gold & Silver Evening Bag:
A stunning gold & silver evening bag with gilt metal fittings- push button release mechanism. c.1920's $245

Wco-2837z: H.V. Shourds Goose Decoy:
A 1976 signed and dated H.V. Shourds goose decoy with glass eyes. $350

Wco-2838z: Bob Seabrook Hollow Duck Decoy:
A signed Bob Seabrook hollow duck decoy, stamped JON. Glass eyes. $350

WCO-2842: Large 19th C. #1 Level:
A fine, large 19th century #1 level, brass bound mahogany, by "Straton Brothers, Greenfield, Mass" & owned by a Mr. Downs. Perfect working condition. Found from an English estate in the West Country. $375

WCO-2876z: Late 19th-Early 20th Century Kidney Shaped Tiny Basket:
A superb quality Kidney shaped tiny basket - splint style of the South - late 19th-early 20th century. Exquisitely wrapped splints. $450

WCO-2880z: Huntley and Palmers Cairo Tin:
A rare and fine taboret table biscuit tin, Huntley and Palmers: "Cairo", 1903, designed and made by Huntley, Boorne and Stevens. See M.J. Franklin, "Biscuit Tins, 1868-1939", front cover and pp. 66-67. $435

WCO-2888z: 19th Century French Gilt Silver Lorgnette:
Pair of 19th century French gilt silver Lorgnette; faux tortoise and silver holder; leather case for storage. 2nd standard, small articles mark. Pull trigger to flip open. $170

WCO-2889z: 19th Century French Gilt Silver Lorgnette:
19th century French gilt silver Lorgnette in a solid gilt silver case. Trigger release. $135

WCO-2901: English Regimental Bugle:
A fine regimental bugle with badge, c.1915. Copper and brass. $245

WCO-2902: 40 Section Stick Stand:
A hard to find 40 section stick stand, designed as a shop fixture. French Colonial, c.1900, beech and ash. $350

WCO-2967: Danish Teak Salmon Tray with Rosewood Inlays:
A rare and fine c.1960 danish teak salmon tray with rosewood inlays from their Exotic Woods collections. Mid Century Modern. 35 1/2" x 7 1/2". $225

WCO-2972z: Josef Beaded Evening Bag:
A wonderful Josef evening bag, handmade in Belgium of floral silk stitchery with beaded ground. Enamel and gilt metal fittings. $145

Wco-692z: 18th Century Treen Snuff Ladle:
18th century treen snuff ladle- very rare. Used by tobacconists to sell snuff to fill client's boxes. $225

WDA-1456z: Mid-Century Modern Teak Gallery Tray:
An elegant Mid-Century Modern teak gallery tray with ebonized gallery rim. 14 1/8" dia. $145

WG-2172z: Baccarat Loch Ness Monster:
Nessy, the Loch Ness monster, in 4 parts by Baccarat for a plateau or table. Perfect condition. Mid-20th century. $225

Wgd-367: Mid-20th Century English Cast Stone Duck Family:
A mid-20th century English cast stone family of ducks with traces of original paint. 14" w., 12"d., 12" h. $245

WGD-380b: An English Terracotta Chimney Pots:
An interesting chimney pot, c. 1860-80 English terracotta. Ideal as a garden planter or uplight. 35 1/4"h., 13" dia. $575

WGD-389z: English Terracotta Chimney Pot:
An English terracotta chimney pot, c.1900. Fluted top section with alternating bulbous bottom section. 27 1/4"h. $295

WGD-390z: Large English Terracotta Chimney Pot:
Large English terracotta chimney pot with crenelated top, molded accents, and "down spouts". Late 19th century. 36"h. $550

WLI-277z: Japanese Maru Obi:
Japanese Maru Obi of gold, silver and copper threads with silk. 19th century. Decorated on both sides for full length. Kyoto. Due to the great weight of metal threads, only worn for very formal occasions. 13" x 156 3/4" $450

Wmi-1653: French Brass Dog's Bed:
A fabulous Dog's Bed - French Brass with Canopy Frame - from the turn of the century. Signed by maker. $250

WMI-2769: Restoration Plateau:
An elegant c.1830 French Restoration classical motif circular plateau of verdigris bronze. $350

Wmi-2847z: Benhams Copper Jelly Mold:
A Benham's copper jelly mold, c.1860-75, stepped turret with Alexandria Cross, owners mark D.C. and Benham insignia. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN. 5 3/4"h. $450

Wmi-2854z: Benham's Copper Jelly Mold:
A Benham c.1860-75 signed 10 turret copper jelly mold. Tin lined. #309, Orb and Cross, and Sun marks. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN. 6" dia. $450

Wmi-2855z: 3-Tier Copper Jelly Mold:
A large 3-tier handmade copper jelly mold, dovetailed construction. Tinned. Early to mid 19th century. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN. 8 1/4" w., 5 3/4"h. $600

Wmi-3076z: c.1860-75 English Copper Jelly Mold by Benham:
A c.1860-75 English copper jelly mold by Benham with orb & cross opposing sun marks. Chain motif. $150

Wmi-3077z: c.1860-75 English Castle Motif Coper Jelly Mold by Benham:
c.1860-75 English copper jelly mold by Benham, opposing marks of a sun with orb & cross. Castle motif with dents. $115

WMI-3251z: Mid 19th Century Barlow Patent Brass Candlesticks:
Pair of brass candlesticks, Barlow patent screw mechanism push-rods, mid-19th century. 7 1/4" h. This invention replaced the open slide stick & had graspers. Rare. $450

WOT-2140z: Victorian Miniature Mahogany Supper Table:
Late Victorian miniature English mahogany supper table with revolving top, carved legs & whorl feet. Leaf carved gallery top. After a c. 1765 design. 9 1/4" h, 8" dia. $337.50

WP-1947z: Louis Orr's The Old Market (Fayetteville) Print :
Louis Orr signed print of The Old Market, Fayetteville, from the set of 51 prints (etchings, precisely) commissioned by Robert Lee Humber to portray the important architecture of North Carolina. No print was numbered, but from 1939-1951 all 51 were pulled in NY by the specialist printer Charles White. The number per print ranged from 122 to 250 (more for early, fewer for later). The Old Market was in Book II, #6, and only 180 were printed. Acid free mounting. $675

WP-1954z: Louis Orr's The Old Mint (Charlotte) Print:
Louis Orr signed print of The Old Mint, Charlotte (now the Mint Museum), from the set of 51 prints (etchings, precisely) commissioned by Robert Lee Humber to portray the important architecture of North Carolina. No print was numbered, but from 1939-1951 all 51 were pulled in NY by the specialist printer Charles White. The number per print ranged from 122 to 250 (more for early, fewer for later). Book VI, print #27, of which 166 were printed. Acid free mounting. $675

WP-1955z: Louis Orr's Daniel H. Hill Library Print :
Louis Orr signed print of the Daniel H. Hill Library, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, from the set of 51 prints (etchings, precisely) commissioned by Robert Lee Humber to portray the important architecture of North Carolina. No print was numbered, but from 1939-1951 all 51 were pulled in NY by the specialist printer Charles White. The number per print ranged from 122 to 250 (more for early, fewer for later). Book IV, print #16, of which 141 were printed. $900

WP-2007z: Mid-19th Century Silhouette in Frame:
An elegant mid-19th century silhouette with gilt highlighting in period bird's eye maple frame. "Elizabeth Davy Sluddy,...died at Alta Vista...buried at Marldon." 7 3/8" x 6 3/8" frame. $295

WP-2010z: Pat Trivigno "Portrait of a Red Headed Boy":
"Portrait of Red Headed Boy", a bold oil on artist's board painting by Pat Trivigno (American, 1922-2013). Studied Tyler School of Art, Columbia University, and NYU. In the Guggenheim, Brooklyn, etc. Exhibited at CAI, Penn. Academy, New Orleans, rtc. Professor of Art Tulane University. Painted c. 1945 before turning to abstract work. 26 1/2" x 22 1/2" frame. $750

WP-2011z: Victorian Stevengraph of 17th Century Gentleman:
A Victorian Stevengraph of a 17th century gentleman in gray, black and bronze silk threads. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WP-2012z: Victorian Stevengraph of Rembrandt van Rijn:
A Victorian Stevengraph portrait of Rembrandt van Rijn. The gold and silver silk weave creates an iridescent effect. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WP-2013z: Victorian Stevengraph of 15th Century Scientist:
Victorian Stevengraph silk portrait of a 15th century Italian scientist in a library. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WP-2014z: Victorian Stevengraph of 15th Century Lady:
Victorian woven silk Stevengraph portrait of a 15th century lady of means. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

WP-2015z: Victorian Stevengraph of 16th Century Lady:
A Victorian silk Stevengraph portrait of a 16th century woman of means. 5 1/2"w., 7 3/4"h., 1"d. $225

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