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Wfe-218z: Copper Helmet Form Coal Scuttle:
A copper helmet form coal scuttle with cut glass handles, England, c. 1860-1880. Unusual with these still perfect handles. $225

wmi-13223z: Copper Bundt Pan:
A Victorian tinned copper bundt pan with ring to hang. $225

Wmi-2520: Pair of late 18th Century Old Sheffield Plate Candlesticks, worn to copper:
A gorgeous pair of late 18th century Old Sheffield Plate Candlesticks, worn totally to copper, with lobed bases & bobeche. $450

Wmi-2847z: Benhams Copper Jelly Mold:
A Benham's copper jelly mold, c.1860-75, stepped turret with Alexandria Cross, owners mark D.C. and Benham insignia. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN. 5 3/4"h. $450

Wmi-2854z: Benham's Copper Jelly Mold:
A Benham c.1860-75 signed 10 turret copper jelly mold. Tin lined. #309, Orb and Cross, and Sun marks. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN. 6" dia. $450

Wmi-2855z: 3-Tier Copper Jelly Mold:
A large 3-tier handmade copper jelly mold, dovetailed construction. Tinned. Early to mid 19th century. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN. 8 1/4" w., 5 3/4"h. $600

Wmi-3025z: Copper Haystack Water 1-Gallon Can:
A fine copper haystack wtering 1-gallon can, "Barnette & Foster, Niagra Works, London, Tackle, Warf, Boat". With VR test stamp. $450

Wmi-3055z: Signed Trottier, Paris, Castle Form Jelly Mold #14:
Signed Trottier, Paris, castle form jelly mold #14. Copper with tin lining. $450

Wmi-3076z: c.1860-75 English Copper Jelly Mold by Benham:
A c.1860-75 English copper jelly mold by Benham with orb & cross opposing sun marks. Chain motif. $150

Wmi-3077z: c.1860-75 English Castle Motif Coper Jelly Mold by Benham:
c.1860-75 English copper jelly mold by Benham, opposing marks of a sun with orb & cross. Castle motif with dents. $115

WMI-3127: English Copper 2 Qt. Measure:
A fine English copper measure, 2 qt. c. 1850. Dovetailed construction. Lead seal now obliterated. $175

WMI-3128: 1 Gallon English Copper Measure :
A fine, English copper measure, 1 gallon, "Loftus, 321 Oxford St., London" with government checks as well. $225

WMI-3197: Large French Copper Pot:
A large French copper pot with cover, c.1860, hand dovetailed construction with heart handle brace. $225

WMI-3235z: c. 1920 French Copper Tea Set:
A c. 1920 French copper tea set with pot, cream, sugar & tray. For decorative use only - creamer not lined. 10 1/2" dia., 15" h. $295

WOT-2189: Solid Copper Cocktail Cart:
A rare & exciting c.1950s solid copper cocktail cart with two original copper ice buckets, glass lined & vacuum insulated. Treen knobs & rattan wrapped handles. Casters stamped in copper: Bassick. 26 3/4" d. 17" w. 28 1/4" h. $1,950

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