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Wci-4482: English Imari Pattern Ironstone Compote:
A mid-19th century English Imari pattern ironstone ring footed compote. Undulating boarder. 11 1/2" diam. $250

Wci-4631: Staffordshire Figure of a Musician and His Companion.:
Wci-4631: Staffordshire figure of a musician & his companion on a daybed, c.1860. Wonderfully colorful. $275

Wci-4634: Staffordshire figure of recumbant hound.:
Staffordshire figure of recumbant hound - an inkstand of nice large size. $650

Wci-4636: Staffordshire Figure of Dick Turpin:
Staffordshire Figure of Dick Turpin, mounted on horseback, late 19th century well decorated. $275

WCI-4689: Staffordshire Figures of Dick Turpin & Tom King:
A pair of mid-19th century Staffordshire Figures of the infamous highwaymen Dick Turpin & Tom King; particularly well painted. $550

Wci-5854z: Tythe Pig Staffordshire Figure Group:
The Tithe (or Tythe) Pig, most certainly by Enoch Wood, c.1800. The new baby offered instead of the customary piglet. Remarkably intact figures. Some bocage replacement. 6 1/4" h. Provenance: Sigourney Cheek Collection, Nashville, TN. $1,500

Wci-6209z: Rare Circus Motif Staffordshire District Tankard, c.1860:
A rare & charming Circus Motif Staffordshire District Tankard, c.1860, with blue underglaze and luster trim - camels and elephants drawing great circus wagons. $575

Wci-6210z: Painted pair of c.1860 Staffordshire Figures of a Scottish Lad & Lassie:
A wonderfully painted pair of c.1860 Staffordshire figures of a Scottish Lad & Lassie. $750

Wl-1083: Staffordshire Lamp:
A Staffordshire figure of a hunter on horseback with game over the saddle. So often found in white, this has lovely original polychrome. Leg restored. Now mounted as a lamp. 27 3/4" h., 11" w., 6" d. Shade: 10 1/2" h., 18" w., 12 1/2" d. $450

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